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Spirit of Endeavour

Operating the SCAD Boat

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SCAD has been running canal boat trips for almost 40 years for older and disabled people on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in the Skipton area. The Endeavour is the second boat used for these trips.  The Endeavour is now operated by the Spirit of Endeavour charity on behalf of SCAD.

Endeavour is a 55’ long wide beam canal boat. It is able to take up to 12 passengers at a time of which two can be in wheelchairs. Whilst the Endeavour is set up to handle people in wheelchairs, trips are open to all. Fully trained crew are supplied to operate the boat.

Another fine summers day in the Skipton basin

Returning from a trip to Home Bridge Lock near Gargrave.

Lunch is served

Have a buffet, provided by Craven backery or Fishand Chips from Bizzie Lizzies or bring your own food.

Tea and Coffe is provided on the boat.

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Endeavour on a trip

Bluebell Trip

360 View Inside the Boat

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Spirit of Endeavour